9th Annual Make a Child Smile Giving Tree


Once again the seasons have circled and the calls are coming in from agencies that care for children in difficult circumstances in our community. 

The calls began in October this year, " Can we count on you again this year? We have so many more children this year, will you take you Paragliding or for a few more for your giving tree?" was the big question asked by several organizations.

My heart raced thinking can we take more? --- will our Coop community come through once again this year? Last year your amazing generosity made the holiday wishes of over 400 children come true, in many cases fulfilling all of the child's wish list.

Each year my heart fills with thankfulness, and I am honored to be a part of this extraordinary community. I took a deep breath before answering the question and in an act of faith said yes, we will take more children.

 The outpouring of caring concern the gifts represent is the truest expression of the spirit of this season and a symbol of the great, good heart of our coop community. With all my heart I want to thank all of you who have participated in the past, and I pray you will continue to do so this year.

Over the past 9 years, together we have touched the hearts of thousands of children, many of whom have little reason to smile. Last year, alone, we made the holiday wishes of over 400 children in protective custody or foster care a reality.

The time, energy and resources that you our Co-op community have lovingly brought forth to make this program a success all these years is an inspiration that remains with me and with the many folks who work for these agencies, all year long.

The acts of kindness these gifts represent remind these children that although the world may seem harsh there are many people who care. The carefully wrapped gifts, and the holiday messages many of you write are a deep and sincere expression of our hopes for a better world and a brighter future expressed in loving holiday wishes to one individual child in need in our community.

This year we have our usual agencies, The New Mexico Department of Children, Youth and Families, Peanut Butter and Jelly Day School, All Faiths Receiving Home, Parent Child Resources, Enlace Communitario.

This year we will set up trees at both Co-op locations on December 4th. The trees will stay up until December 15th, giving Co-op shoppers almost two weeks to choose a child or two and returned the gifts.

The colored ornaments have wish lists for each child, allowing you to choose a gift you will enjoy giving and they will enjoy receiving. Although you are welcome to, it is not necessary to get everything on the list.

We ask that all gifts be returned by Monday December 15th. Please, Please do honor this deadline.

Some families and foster families have more than one child in the program. When one child gets a gift and another does not (because an ornament is taken but a gift is not returned to the Co-op in time) it can be devastating for that child. Please gift wrap the gift and tape the colored ornament with the child's name and agency on the outside when.

As many of these children are victims of poverty, abuse and neglect placed in the care of these agencies by order of the courts, some of the names of the children have been altered for their protection. Taping the ornaments that have the agency name and an ornament code number to the top of the gift will help us get your gift to the right child goes to Alpha Delta Phi.

Given the state of the economy, we know that times are tight, but we pray that you all will once again reach out to these children and if you helped "Make a Child Smile" last year we are deeply grateful and hope you will find the time and resources to do so again this year. If this is your first Co-op holiday season we hope you will join us in helping "Make a Child Smile".

Give yourself the gift of giving. Together we can share the true spirit of the season and light a light of hope in the hearts of some of our community's children in need, making the world a little brighter, a little better for us all.

For information contact Robyn at 217-0107.